In the event that you aren't very tech-savvy or in case you haven't managed a hosting machine, you may have some difficulties in particular cases when you have to handle a virtual or a dedicated server. Because each and every standalone hosting machine has its own Operating System and various applications and processes running, you shall most probably run into different problems such as a frozen process or one which is loading the server noticeably. With a shared internet hosting account all these things are handled by the provider, but this just isn't the case if you use a hosting server of your own, so you must resolve the problems yourself. If you do not have the knowledge or the time to handle this kind of matters, you might consider the Managed Services upgrade we offer. Among other things, it offers 24/7 monitoring of your server and the processes going on it, so in case anything happens, our administrators can easily resolve the problem and restart the machine so as to recover its proper operation.
Monitoring and Rebooting in VPS
You can use our service with any of the plans we offer as the Managed Services package can be added to any virtual private server and at any time. Not only will our moderators keep track of what goes on with your VPS, but they shall also determine what the reason for a certain issue was before they restart it. In the event that a process isn't responding, a service if off for some reason or some application starts taking an excessive amount of processing time or physical memory, they will react at once and will do everything that's required to restore the proper operation of your websites. Numerous automated checks for different system services will also be enabled for the Virtual private server, so you'll not need to pay lots of money to other firms for monitoring services, especially having in mind that they can tell you about an issue, but can't do anything about it. With our tracking service you'll be able to save not only funds, but also valuable time.
Monitoring and Rebooting in Dedicated Hosting
It'll take you a few clicks to add the Managed Services package to the dedicated hosting plan you have selected and our seasoned team of admins will start monitoring the machine closely to make certain that it is working adequately all the time. Numerous automated checks will also be included, so they'll be aware of any problem the instant it appears. High Central processing unit load, an app using far too much memory or a system process which has stopped responding are simply a few good examples of the issues we can keep an eye for and deal with once the basis for their appearance is determined. If required, the dedicated server will also be rebooted, so you will not have to do anything whatsoever on your end. With this service you'll not need to pay to third-party monitoring firms which can just notify you if anything goes wrong but don't have the access to fix a problem.