A safe and secure web application firewall

All our shared website hosting plans have ModSecurity automatically. ModSecurity is a compact–sized Apache module that does an awesome job – it acts as a web application firewall software, efficiently safeguarding your websites against hacker attacks. And it all takes place immediately, without you having to configure or tweak anything. Your sites will become guarded as soon as you decide to host them with us.

Data Backups

Your website content could be retrieved anytime

Not a single web site is guarded against hack attacks. Your site can be affected even by involuntary web site content deleting on your end. Thanks to our backup solution, we’ll easily recover all your site content at any moment. Aside from the regular server backups that we’re creating, you can yourself create manual backups of all your website content with a single click through the File Manager, which is conveniently incorporated into your Site Control Panel. Simply generate a compressed archive of the file(s) that you wish to manually back up and put it in a location of your preference.

VPN Access

Safe, private web site browsing

In case, for whatever reason, you would like to mask your digital footmark, we have an ideal solution for you. With each of our shared website hosting packages, you will be able to obtain VPN access and have your entire inbound and outbound web site traffic re–routed through one of our Virtual Private Network data centers. And you can use the very same VPN configurations on any gadget that’s connected to the web – your desktop machine, your netbook, your smart phone, etc..

30–Day Money–Back Guarantee

Unhappy with your website’s load speed? Ask for a full refund.

We’re trying our best to deliver a top–class hosting service to you. A whole new shared website hosting system, a selection of enterprise–grade Datacenters along with a bunch of Website Accelerator Tools will ensure the fastest loading speeds for your websites. Nevertheless, if you aren’t delighted by our cloud web hosting services, you’ll be able to request your money back in the first thirty–day–period of your subscription.

A Database Manager

An effective database administration solution

If you use other web hosting solutions, you need to set up a database, after that a user, then define an access level. With our Databases Manager, we have made the process much simpler. All you have to do is set up a database and that’s all – the database’s name is also the username. As simple as that.

And if you need to back up a particular database, you can do so with a click of the mouse from the Site Control Panel.


Launch and manage your own sites in the cloud at the most affordable price

Host your traffic–consuming sites in the cloud at an exceptional price. Our custom shared website hosting system gives you plenty of hosting resources and also spreads the server load among a number of machines, and you will never deal with slow site loading speeds or network disturbances. With unlimited data space and monthly bandwidth allocations, you won’t need to worry about your web sites. Every single web hosting plan features a point ’n’ click Site Control Panel to help you easily utilize the available web hosting resources, and an unconditional thirty–day money–back guarantee so that you can get your money back if you’re not happy.

99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee

A 99.9 percent server uptime in the United States of America, in Europe and in Australia

Keeping your websites up and running 24/7 is our basic duty. We’ve created our very own shared website hosting system where the server load is being spread evenly among numerous physical machines to guarantee that all your websites will continue to be accessible online even if a given machine is overloaded. Our ninety–nine point nine percent server uptime warranty applies to all datacenters that we partner with – in the US, in Europe and in Australia.

Scripting Support

Full scripting support with all our cloud web hosting packs

All our shared website hosting plans offer scripting support. You will be able to use just about any PHP or Python–driven app and also make use of 3400+ Perl modules supported by each of our Linux servers. Plus, you can use MySQL and PgSQL databases and utilize the InnoDB database engine featured in every single package. Zend Optimizer, GD Library, SSI and ImageMagick are all supported too.

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